Table 3

FPIR as analyzed by a hierarchical linear mixed model adjusted for age from 195 children with multiple autoantibodies at the time of the first IVGTT

Model P value
SNPGene (n)AdditiveRecessiveDominantCoefficient estimate (SE) of FPIR in each genotypeP value of individual coefficient estimateComparison of the coefficient estimates between genotypesP value
rs2476601PTPN22 (193)0.360.840.22AA −0.00020 (0.000129)0.13AA vs. AG0.48
AG −0.00010 (0.000062)0.13AA vs. GG0.98
GG −0.00020 (0.000040)<0.0001AG vs. GG0.16
rs1990760IFIH1 (188)0.530.650.41TT −0.00019 (0.000059)0.0034TT vs. CT0.45
CT −0.00014 (0.000045)0.0027TT vs. CC0.72
CC −0.00023 (0.000077)0.0013CT vs. CC0.31
rs689INS (195)0.530.360.32AA −0.00019 (0.000037)<0.0001AA vs. AT0.58
AT −0.00015 (0.000073)0.044AA vs. TT0.29
TT −0.00004 (0.000141)0.78AT vs. TT0.50
rs1701704IKZF4 (189)0.0680.0260.99CC −0.00041 (0.000112)0.00030CC vs. AC0.021
AC −0.00013 (0.000048)0.0085CC vs. AA0.050
AA −0.00017 (0.000047)0.0003AC vs. AA0.51
rs2292239ERBB3 (193)0.490.240.94AA −0.00030 (0.000118)0.01AA vs. AC0.23
AC −0.00015 (0.000048)0.0014AA vs. CC0.29
CC −0.00017 (0.000047)0.0004AC vs. CC0.79
rs3825932CTSH (193)0.00420.420.0011CC −0.00022 (0.000061)0.0004CC vs. CT0.80
CT −0.00024 (0.000044)<0.0001CC vs. TT0.0078
TT 0.000031 (0.000070)0.65CT vs. TT0.0013
rs45450798PTPN2 (192)0.0130.00350.99CC −0.00107 (0.000308)0.0006CC vs. CG0.0031
CG −0.00014 (0.000060)0.0205CC vs. GG0.0040
GG −0.00017 (0.000039)<0.0001CG vs. GG0.64
rs601338FUT2 (169)0.0200.0540.0098AA −0.00031 (0.000081)0.0001AA vs. AG0.26
AG −0.00020 (0.000050)<0.0001AA vs. GG0.0085
GG −0.00005 (0.000057)0.36AA vs. GG0.045
Class I HLA alleles
Allele (n)Status (n)Model P valueCoefficient estimate (SE)P value of individual coefficient estimate
A*24 (183)Present (32)0.037−0.00037 (0.000098)0.0002
Absent (151)−0.00015 (0.000035)<0.0001
B*3901 (186)Present (15)0.100.000049 (0.000139)0.73
Absent (171)−0.00018 (0.000034)<0.0001
  • †Within each SNP, alleles associated with T1D risk are presented first.

  • P value of individual coefficient indicates whether genotype influences FPIR (null hypothesis is that coefficient estimate equals 0).