Table 2

GO terms enriched with genes differentially expressed in GSAT relative to ASAT

ContextHigher/lower expression in GSAT (+/−)OntologyGO IDGO termSignificant genes at termTotal genes at termSignificant genes in ontologyTotal genes in ontologyP value
CombinedMFGO:0043565sequence-specific DNA bindinga2656417410,1113.7E-06
CombinedBPGO:0009952anterior/posterior pattern specification9811719,7911.1E-05
CombinedBPGO:0048704embryonic skeletal system morphogenesis6341719,7912.3E-05
CombinedMFGO:0003700sequence-specific DNA-binding transcription factor activity3393917410,1115.3E-05
  • BP, biological process; MF, molecular function.

  • aSignificant genes annotated to “sequence-specific DNA binding” were selected for confirmation in ASAT and GSAT primary preadipocytes and hTERT/HPV16-E7 preadipocyte cell lines.