Table 1

Upstream regulator analysis using IPA

Upstream regulator
RO T1D:uHC7623.2E-6 (↑)1.3E-9 (↓)1.3E-7 (↓)
RO T1D:HRS2611.7E-2 (↑)ns6.3E-7 (↓)
RO T1D:LRS4684.4E-2 (↓)5.0E-2 (↑)ns
HRS:LRS6215.8E-5 (↓)4.0E-5 (↑)3.6E-9 (↑)
LRS:uHC1,3391.6E-12 (↑)1.8E-22 (↓)5.7E-17 (↓)
LRS5753.6E-8 (↑)7.5E-14 (↓)2.6E-8 (↓)
RO T1D128nsnsns
HRS156nsns9.7E-3 (↑)
uHC6476.8E-5 (↓)5.8E-6 (↑)1.3E-4 (↑)
  • Analysis was performed on each of the six pairwise comparisons among the four cohorts, as well as for the probe sets most distinctly regulated by each cohort. Indicated are the number of regulated probe sets in the analysis and the upstream regulator. The P value (determined with a Fisher exact test) reflects the significance of the overlap between the regulated probe sets within the data set and genes regulated by the transcriptional regulator. ns, not significant P > 0.05. Arrow-up or arrow-down denotes the direction of enrichment in the comparison. Values < 0.01 are considered significant.