Table 4

PRS analysis: genetic risk for measures of adiposity associates with impaired weight loss success*

GWAS data sourceβSEZP
Leg fat massUKBB−6.8E-031.7E-03−3.9239.28E-05
Whole-body fat massUKBB−6.8E-031.7E-03−3.8870.000108
Leg fat percentageUKBB−6.6E-031.7E-03−3.8030.00015
Trunk fat percentageUKBB−6.4E-031.7E-03−3.640.000285
Body fat percentageUKBB−6.3E-031.7E-03−3.6060.000324
Trunk fat massUKBB−6.2E-031.7E-03−3.5360.000423
Arm fat massUKBB−6.1E-031.7E-03−3.5130.000461
Arm fat percentageUKBB−5.9E-031.7E-03−3.4110.000669
  • UKBB, UK Biobank.

  • * The complete version of this table for all tested traits is available as Supplementary Table 5.