Table 3

Effect of intensive blood pressure control on the risk of developing new QT prolongation in ACCORD participants

Treatment armParticipantsEventsEvent rate (% per year)HR (95% CI)P
Framingham QTc formula (n = 4,583)0.84 (0.66–1.06)0.15
 Intensive blood pressure control2,3041191.05
 Standard blood pressure control2,2791481.30
Hodges QTc formula (n = 4,550)1.05 (0.86–1.30)0.62
 Intensive blood pressure control2,2821781.59
 Standard blood pressure control2,2681761.55
Bazett QTc formula (n = 4,369)0.79 (0.63–0.99)0.04
 Intensive blood pressure control2,2101351.24
 Standard blood pressure control2,1591701.58
  • The numbers of study participants and events (incident QT prolongation) and HRs from the Cox models are provided for each of three QT heart rate correction formulas. The number of participants differs between analyses because different numbers of participants met criteria for QT prolongation at baseline (which was an exclusion criteria) depending on which heart rate correction formula was used.