Table 1

Broad characteristics of LADA*

• Age >30 years**
• Family/personal history of autoimmunity
• Reduced frequency of metabolic syndrome compared with T2D—lower HOMA, lower BMI, lower blood pressure, and normal HDL compared with T2D
• No disease-specific difference in cardiovascular outcomes between these patients and those with T2D
• C-peptide levels decrease more slowly than in T1D
• Positivity for GADA as the most sensitive marker; other autoantibodies less frequent (ICA, IA-2A, ZnT8A, and tetraspanin 7 autoantibodies)
• Non–insulin requiring at onset of diabetes
  • * None of these features categorically define LADA.

  • ** Limited data on older patients with higher probability of T1D in younger patients.