Table 1

Source of summary statistic data from GWAS of metabolic traits and their changes in monogenic forms of IR

TraitConsortiaMaximum N
(all or cases vs. controls)ReferenceMonogenic obesity*Monogenic lipodystrophy*Monogenic receptoropathy*
Nondisease metabolic traits
 VATSAT ratioVATGen10,557(18)++0
 CT-measured hepatic steatosisGOLD7,176(19)++0
Metabolic disease and disease-related outcomes
 T2DDIAGRAM12,171 vs. 56,862(26)+++
 CADCARDIoGRAM40,365 vs. 63,714(25)++0
 Systolic blood pressureICBP69,828(24)++0
 Diastolic blood pressureICBP69,816(24)++0
 Carotid plaqueCHARGE25,179(23)++0
  • VATSAT, visceral-to-subcutaneous adipose tissue.

  • *+ refers to high in condition, – refers to low in condition, and 0 refers to not changed.